Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Metamorphosis Essay

Frank Kafka’s Novel “The Metamorphosis” not only deals with the transformation of Gregor but his sister Grete also. As Gregor changed into a bug Grete changed into the old Gregor.
After the family had realized that Gregor was completely changed and a bug he became hopeless. So Grete changed into the old Gregor by feeling the need to take care of him. Just like Gregor feeling the need to have to pay off his families debts.
This changed their views on themselves because Gregor began to feel as if he was no longer apart of the family. And Grete began to feel as if she had to take on all responsibilities.
Their look upon the world also changed because Gregor felt as if he was not apart of it. And Grete felt as if the world was on her shoulders.
There Metamorphosis Contribute to the overall meaning that even though we go through out changes in our life we all end feeling and seeing life in the same view point, at one time or another. I believe Kafka’s message from this book was that he’d rather be an outcast in the world than to deal with all the stress fro the world on him.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Writing Prompt #2

In George Orwells book 1984, many characters struggle with the present goverment, which tries to manipulate and control the citizens. By using tatics of hanging posters through out the town claiming"Big Brother is wathcing you." Also by having a t.v. which can never be turned off only dimmed. Winston, a character in the book stands up and does not allow the goverment to rule him and fights for his freedom.

Winston however begins to fight back by going around town and tearing the posters off. When the authorities begin to notice the signs missing they begin to suspect who is doing it. Winston publicly shows his defiance by taking down the posters; this is one of his methods to free himself. Another method was Winston smashing the t.v. which never could be turned off. He was tired of the continuous blaring noises from it.

Winston tries to enhance his power by getting others to follow him and try to take over. The followers go through out the town getting rid of anything that has to deal with big brother. Also by smashing all televisions that come in sight.

Ultimately, Winstons dream of freeing himself from the goverment happens but, things end even worse than before. Without no goverment winston finds himself in the middle of a fallen city with citizens running wild and soon he wishes that Big Brother was watching over him.